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ABOUT teaching

Sarah Gahagan is a part-time faculty member and resident designer at Portland Community College Theatre Department. Teaching students about the depth and bredth of theatre design is the soul of what inspires her.

Sarah believes that teaching Theatre Arts and the work of the visual story teller can create and inspire mindful change.  She works to actively support each student’s individual interests, challenges, and education goals, and to mentor each to their highest potential.  Sarah can often be found in the costume studio with students and interns working on thematically-driven designs, textile printing, dying, distressing and crafts.  Working collaboratively with students on these techniques and more helps to bridge the gap between conceptual artistry and hands on-crafting unique into tangible designs.

In a recent production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream produced at Portland Community College, students built the entire production.  Within the classroom she taught the skills behind the design plan dye-work, puppet-making, costume-crafts, and more.  Students built everything from a giant silk moth puppet to hand- dyed and draped period-inspired Greek robes.

Teaching testimonial: "It is a privilege to learn from a teacher who is so invested in the outcome of her students' education. Sarah has provided me with so much opportunity for hands-on experience experimenting with a wide range of materials in such a supportive way that I have gained immeasurable confidence in my abilities as an artist. I cannot overstate how valuable my time spent as her student has been to my education and my development in the arts." Amanda Cobb Portland Community College Design Student

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