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Feathers and Teeth

Artists Repertory Theatre

By Charise Castro Smith

Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez

Production Team

Scenic Designer: Megan Wilkerson

Costume Designer: Sarah Gahagan

Lighting Designer:Kristeen Willis

Sound Designer: Rodolfo Ortega

Properties Master: Emily Wilken

This fairytale concoction of teen angst and devastating loss make for a grisly good time in this crackling new “thrilledy” — a stew of dark comedy, family drama and fantastical carnage.

It’s 1978 and 13-year-old Chris is reeling from her mom’s illness and recent death. Throw in dad’s new girlfriend (mom’s ex-nurse!), a few freaky little creatures and the boy next door, and things really get out of hand.

Part monster tale and part revenge tragedy, the highly theatrical FEATHERS AND TEETH delivers a meaty exploration of grief and obsession.

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